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I have developed an approach to teaching and living that assumes that we must face and embrace the bad news in order to fully appreciate the beauty in our world and to be motivated to preserve that beauty. This approach also involves improving our personal health and connection with our body. How can we appreciate that changing our consumption behaviors will result in improved health from fewer toxic substances in our world if we are used to not feeling all that great anyway?

1. Connections

The approach to teaching the physical sciences embraced by the developed world is, in general, a failure at showing the intricate connections that exist between systems.

5. Technology

The absence of full representation of women and people of color in the development of our science and technology (and the world)

2. Change


It is vital that people understand that constant change is not something to be feared. In fact, the systems of our Earth and the Universe as we currently understand them are constantly in a state of flux.

6. Sacred

Redefining and including spirituality in our lives and all fields of study is vital to our survival. We must learn to call the fruits and resources of the Earth “sacred.”

3. Confusion

“We have a terrible confusion about our place in nature.”

7. Place

We must understand what our obstacles are to living in community with each other and resist the urge to isolate and protect ourselves from our neighbors. We must understand the importance of developing a relationship with our “Place,” the region of the planet in which we live.

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4. Assumptions

The basic assumptions that we have built our lives around need modification.

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