Chapter 1 - The Need For A New Approach to Living and Learning
Foundations of My Approach to Teaching

Chapter 2 - A Model for An Approach to Teaching Connectedness
Shallow or Deep

Chapter 3  - Deep Teaching - The Process of Teaching Connections

Chapter 4 - Components of the Deep Teaching Process

Chapter 5 - Coming Alive: Experiences for Learning
Experiential Learning Activities for the Deep Teaching Process

Appendix 1 - Coursework for Connectedness


Disconnection, separation, division, detachment, disassociation - these are all words that describe the way we view our world and ourselves. We are disconnected from the Earth herself, separated from the delicate web she has woven, divided from each other by arbitrary encumbrances, detached from the very meaning of our existence, and disassociated from the awe and mystery of the world and the universe. Our daily lives are filled with more events than our elaborate datebooks can contain, we live by the litany “oh, that there were only more hours in the day,” and we bemoan our lot in life. We are scared to death of spiders and cockroaches, consider the natural world as wild, untamed and therefore dangerous, and resist awareness into the intricacies of our world for fear of having to take on one more responsibility.

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